Life at MITSOG

MITWPU’s School of Government (MITSOG) offers an MA in Political Leadership and Government, which is the only post-graduate programme in India for all those willing to join politics. It aims to build the informed leadership and imbibe in them a fundamental understanding of the importance of ethics in political leadership. Through an intensive teaching program, the MITSOG helps participants understand the dynamics of power and governance in India. From complex international relations to intricate local administration, the MITSOG imparts all the knowledge needed to create an effective leader. The MITSOG enables students to enter the political arena with arsenals of information, knowledge, skills and wisdom. The life at the MITSOG is full of ideological contestation, public policy discourses, case study discussions, field visits, election internships and prestigious National Study Tour. To be part of the MITSOG means enriching one’s life.

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